Jeff Lowenfels On Living Soil Cannabis

Oregon Cannabis Association event at the Melody Ballroom in Portland on Thursday, March 31 2016. This is technical event focusing on organic cultivation methods for cannabis with a terrific panel of soil experts coordinated by Roots Garden Supply. This is Jeff Lowenfels giving a rather entertaining presentation providing information on organic gardening and the soil food web with highlights from his book.

– Jeff Lowenfels is an international proponent of organics and the award winning author of “Teaming With Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide to The Soil Food Web,” reviewed as one of the most important garden books written in the past 25 years “and perhaps ever.” Writing garden columns is Jeff’s religion.

His weekly column has appeared in the Alaska Dispatch News (formerly the Anchorage Daily News) for over 40 years, never missing a single week. Not only is Lowenfels America’s longest running garden columnist, he is one of the most sought after speakers on the circuit. That might be because he is also a reformed lawyer; the combination of garden writing and law earning him the moniker of America’s Dirtiest Lawyer. He was once an Editor of the Harvard Lampoon, America’s oldest humor magazine, so his talks are always humorous, witty and entertaining.

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